COVID UPDATE: September 27, 2020

Since July, we have been hosting outdoor parties for kids and adults, with Covid-safe precautions in place, such as:

  • Providing additional tables/chairs at a nominal fee to allow for any necessary distancing measures;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all of our shared equipment (aprons, easels, water cups, paintbrushes) before and after each party;
  • Using disposable one-time use items (napkins, tablecloths etc.);
  • Havings gloves, hand sanitizer and lysol wipes available;
  • Having masks available if necessary (Please note that it can be difficult to teach with a mask on the entire time, so we prefer to instead ensure the appropriate physical distance between ourselves and the painters; however, if/when this cannot be acheived, the instructors will have masks if needed).

An outdoor party can be in a park, a backyard, a covered patio, a carport/garage or even a driveway! 

As Fall has arrived and Winter will soon follow, outdoor parties may be difficult due to the weather so we are now accepting bookings for indoor parties with all of the same protocols in place AND with limited numbers. We also suggest/expect that the guests be people already within your inner circle or bubble OR that there be space for appropriate distancing measures and/or that masks be worn by guests as necessary.

As always, we expect that guests who feel ill do not attend. If a host or a Palette Posse instructor falls ill, the party will be cancelled or rescheduled as necessary. 

We are also still providing made to order Take Home Kits for Kids and Adults. Infomation, Prices and Photos for these Kits can be found here.

Contact us to discuss booking a party of your own!                            

COVID UPDATE: June 15, 2020

We wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with an update regarding the status of our business in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, now that we have been in Phase 2 of BC’s reopening stage for nearly a month.

As you all know, the shut downs of restaurants, followed by the quarantine and social distancing measures put in place by our Health Officials in mid-March made it so that we had to cancel all of our public and private parties. As hard as that was for us – as we LOVE to teach and host parties – we knew we had to do our part to combat the spread and support our health officials.

In order to keep ourselves, and our loyal followers creative, we started sharing some FREE video tutorials and art ideas on our social media in late March, including kid’s rock painting, stencil art, Grunge Hearts and more!

We then came up with a SUPER FUN idea in early April - just in time for Easter - with our Funny Bunny Take Home Paint Kit for Kids and it was VERY popular! So popular, in fact, that, at the request of our lovely clientele, we created six new Kids Paint Kits just two weeks later. And, since then we have continued to CREATE and offer new options for our Kids and to date, have 18 available options PLUS new options coming every few weeks.

In addition, so as not to leave the adults out, since April, we have created two custom Wood Sign Kits and 2 Canvas Kits for the more experienced artists!

Infomation, Prices and Photos for these Kits can be found here.

We are SO BLESSED for all of the SUPPORT we have received from ALL OF YOU during this trying time and we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

The Kits have been very well received over the last 3 months and we have truly ENJOYED creating them, and we are so thankful to have been able to shift our business focus and still serve our clients while protecting our community; however, we CANNOT WAIT to get back to what we REALLY LOVE doing – PAINT PARTIES!

We have been receiving inquiries about when we will be back to hosting and teaching parties and we want to let you all know that we are currently paying CLOSE attention to the reopening plan and at this stage are looking at ways to SAFELY conduct private parties OUTDOOR. We are confident in our own methods for cleaning and sanitizing our brushes, aprons, easels and other shared equipment and believe that small outdoor parties with social distancing measures in place CAN be offered SAFELY and would be A LOT OF FUN.

If you are looking to host a backyard, park or neighbourhood paint party, contact us to discuss how we can plan something SAFE and FUN for everyone!

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support and keep watching our social media for continued updates.

Stay healthy, stay happy and stay creative!
Tanya & Lisa


Hello all!

We at Palette Posse Paint Parties want our clients and guests to know that, like everyone, are following the situation regarding COVID-19 closely and abiding by the general recommendations of the Government Health Officials regarding hand-washing, sanitizing, social distancing and travel.

We confirm that in light of the current pandemic and in order to do our part to slow the spread, we have cancelled all of our public and private events scheduled from March until at least the end of May. We do this with sadness; however, we believe it is the socially responsible thing to do at this time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions moving forward as things progress.

At this trying time, we can all use some stress relief and art is a wonderful way to keep calm, to reflect and stay connected. We will be offering various FUN and FREE ideas on our Facebook and Instagram to help  keep you and your kids creative and entertained at home! Click here for some FREE Video Tutorials.

In addition to our free tutorials, we are now offering Take Home Paint Kits for kids and adults. Infomation, Prices and Photos for these Kits can be found here.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Stay healthy and stay creative!
Tanya and Lisa